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Stephanie E. Johnson, MA
Mental Health Consultant & Coach

Your Mental Health Navigator

I’m a Mental Health Consultant, eliminating the stress in the mental health help seeking process and a Mental Health Coach empowering you to use self exploration and discovery to reach your most authentic potential.


Stephanie E. Johnson, MA

Hello and thank you for being curious about who am I, what I do and how I can help you. I am a native and current resident of Atlanta, GA. My deep rooted interest in mental health stems from learning as a child that my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. From high school forward, I remained intrigued by human behavior and schizophrenia in particular. I began my trajectory into the mental health field at Dillard University where, in 2003, I earned a B.A. in Psychology. I continued my training to become clinical therapist at the University of Northern Iowa where I completed an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. Every since, I’ve been devoted to helping people live their best quality of life no matter their mental health conditions.

I’ve worked in several capacities professionally; the bulk of my time spent managing psychiatric clinical research studies on early interventions for first episode psychosis and schizophrenia spectrum disorders predominantly with African American patients. This work is where I learned how difficult it was for people to navigate the mental health care system, get the most appropriate help that met their needs best, and where I witnessed stigma within the healthcare system that often led to patient disengagement.

I decided to do something about this by using my clinical skills to help people navigate the mental health care system. As a result, NaviPsych was born. One of my greatest skills is meeting you where you are with empathy. My goal as your Mental Health Consultant is to listen attentively and deeply to discover your core mental health needs, the specific type of professional(s) who fits you best and guide you towards securing help while eliminating the stress of the process.

As your Mental Health Coach, my objective is to empower you to manage your emotional roadblocks to work, play, and live at your fullest and most authentic potential.

Why should you hire me? I’m an intuitive, compassionate, and empathic listener who engages genuinely with the sole purpose of helping you get to the core of your needs. If you want to start your mental health healing journey, let me be your navigator. 



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Signature MHP Matching Package

Superior Guidance

Seeking a mental health professional who is the best fit for you and your unique mental health needs is A LOT of work! Do you need a psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist? What about an Energy Healing Practitioner, Health Psychologist, or Neuropsychologist?  What’s the difference between them and does it matter? Do I really need therapy? This is where my 15+ years of professional experience can help you eliminate the stress, ambivalence, and worry from finding a professional who fits your mental health needs BEST! After your consultation with me, you’ll feel relieved, empowered and well informed about moving forward with your mental health healing journey.  

This signature MHP Matching Package includes:

1. An in-depth 45-60 minute consultation that is a guided exploration to the core of your mental health needs. This may also involve mental health screenings.

2. 30-minute coaching where we’ll discuss questions to ask during the consultation calls with the therapist(s), how to present your primary reasons for seeking therapy, what to expect in the beginning stages of therapy, and how to be your best self advocate in therapy.

3.  A mental health professional (MHP) search and matching. A list of recommended MHPs is emailed to you for review and feedback. These are recommendations that can be used as a guide for seeking help now and in the future!




"Stephanie is a consummate professional, and great at providing direction, guidance, and resources. She is extremely knowledgeable, genuinely cares, and works with you to help achieve the best possible outcome. I highly recommend working with Stephanie if you have the opportunity. You will not regret it!"

Sandra Saltibus

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