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Mental Health Coaching and Consulting Services

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Why NaviPsych?

Expertise: Stephanie E. Johnson's extensive background in clinical psychology brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of mental health dynamics.

Compassionate Guidance: NaviPsych is committed to providing guidance with compassion, fostering an environment where individuals and organizations feel supported and empowered.

Innovation in Mental Wellness: We go beyond traditional approaches, embracing innovation and nuance in mental wellness strategies to address the unique needs of each client.

NaviPsych Mental Health Coaching Services

Family and Caregiver Support:

Our specialized support services cater to loved ones facing the challenges of severe mental illnesses. We offer a compassionate and understanding approach, helping families navigate the often complex landscape of care.

Pre-Therapy Prep:

Are you seeking mental health help but unsure where to start? Our "Pre-Therapy Prep" program is designed to guide you through the process. Learn the reasons behind your search, discover how to find the right specialists, and gain the skills to prepare for fruitful consultation calls with therapists.


This transformative session will help you navigate life's challenges by teaching you to Pause, Adjust, Commit, and Execute (PACE). Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to actionable strategies that lead to significant mindset shifts. Let this program guide you towards a future filled with resilience, achievement, and fulfillment.

NaviPsych Consulting Services

Consulting for Mental Health Nonprofits:

We collaborate with mental health nonprofits to strategize their niche, development, funding sources, program development, and impact measurement. Our consultative approach ensures these organizations thrive and make a meaningful impact in the communities they serve.

Join Us on the Journey

Whether you're an individual seeking personal development, a family navigating mental health challenges, or a nonprofit aiming to make a greater impact, NaviPsych invites you to allow us to journey to improved mental well-being. Enter into a space where expertise meets empathy, and together, let's navigate toward a healthier, more resilient you.

NOTE: Full payment is due on the day of booking. Accepted payments are Zelle, Cashapp, major credit and debit cards. No refunds. 


Working with Stephanie has helped my family tremendously. Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and brings a wealth of experience to her work with families. She has helped my family through a number of crises by empowering us to better advocate for our loved one and helping us to understand how we can provide support to ensure that appropriate care is provided. We are grateful to have Stephanie on our team.

Martha Johnson

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